Hello there! Welcome to A Bridge to Cross Over. Here on this blog, you can find various posts on how to overcome life obstacles. It’s important to to not let these problems overwhelm you. It’s a common problem in life that not only you are dealing with. We are all facing the same complications as well… But at least this way we could hold each other’s hands and walk across this bridge together.

My name is David and I’m the author of this blog. This blog was created for my English Honors 2 assignment and so far, it has opened my horizons to new possibilities. I love creating a community and seeing how other people interact through social media. Word Press so far has been a great inspiration to my daily life and how I can connect its values to my daily events that happen in my life. I have a lot of struggles and I just want to relate it to something to make me feel less alone.

I have a lot of interests. I love listening to music and all types of music. My choice of genre is very well-diverse but I have a certain interest in alternate rock or any alternatives. I love watching movies with my family. I love anything drama, comedy, or thriller. My favorite food is Italian food because I have a little obsession with tomatoes and most marinara sauce or any tomato sauces added like Ravioli or Lasagna. Those are my favorite 🙂 Well, that’s some information about me, now I would like to know more about you!

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