Comics, Collectibles, and Community Commitment

This was so inspiring because of his dedication and persistence to do what he loves, even if it’s something small. I admire people like this.

Everyone Employed

Jay sprucing up one of many collectibles at Hot Comics Jay sprucing up one of many collectibles at Hot Comics

Meet Jay, a Richfield resident who works at Hot Comics and Collectibles, the self-proclaimed “Best comic book shop in all of Minnesota!” Hot Comics has two locations in the Twin Cities (New Hope & Richfield), with Jay working at the Richfield store for over a year a half. He spends most of his time sprucing up classic toys and games, as well as, organizing the work and retail space when needed.

Thanks to a collaboration between Community Involvement Programs, the City of Richfield, and the Richfield Rotary Club, Jay started as an intern with Hot Comics in 2013. But when the internship period was completed, Sam, a manager at Hot Comics, decided that he enjoyed Jay’s sense of humor and industrious work ethic so much that he offered him a permanent position.

Jay fills many roles at Hot Comics: cleans classic toys and collectibles…

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