Death of One to be Remembered


This past week has been one of the most tragic weeks for not only me, but to my school and to the people who knew this person… His name is Sean Severson, who have recently past away due to being impacted by a vehicle while riding a bike to school. Well, I haven’t really thought about it but don’t you think that it’s funny how people start to care once they lose someone or something? Like for example losing a friend.

This is common— Friend dramas. Let me tell you my story.

Imagine two wonderful friends. David and Friend. They’ve been friends since the very beginning of freshmen year of high school, but they felt like they’ve been friends since forever.  Every day, they constantly message each other on Facebook and engage in conversations that they can both relate to. They spend every minute together and share every secret that they could possibly muster up with each other. Well one of them is the type of person that when they’re too close with a person, they would scavenge for space. They get bored of hanging out with one person all the time because that’s just how they are

So fast forward: Drama got heated– for absolutely no apparent reason and the two friends were no longer friends; they became more like enemies. The tension was real and one of them would always make the other cry by intense bullying and hurtful comments. This continued for about 5 months.

At the end of the school year, one of the friend felt true immense regret for hurting the other. They felt as if a dagger has impaled the essence of their heart. Regret and guilt devoured them and all they could think about was the traumatizing guilt of lot learning to appreciate a person once they lost something.

“Funny when you’re dead how people start to listen”

It’s like a childhood toy. If you play with it too much, you’d get bored. But as you grow up and you find the little toy train in the back of your garage, you would sit down and reminisce all the joy you had with them.

This week, a friend of mine died. We haven’t really talked at all; I just knew him because we were in the same PE class and we sat next to each other. I was in his presence and he was in mine however, we never spoken a single word to each other. From what I have heard, he was an amazing guy that rejected the norms of society and did whatever made his heart happy. He was a true believer in finding happiness and he had a huge heart. He past away a couple days ago and all I could think about was the regret of not being able to say “Hey dude what’s up!”  I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel the same without him around.

Honestly, life has a fate that is universal to not just myself or yourself, but to every single living creation of life. We aren’t bound to life for eternity. At some point, the gods of life would have to take back what’s theirs; the miracle that they gifted to us. A person can only live so long and enjoy so much. When the miracle that was brought to them is taken away, the life around them would feel a painstaking agony that is to an unbearable extent. I wonder why the life that was given to us is attached to an anchor that drags us down slowly to the depths of the sea where death dwells. Actually– I take that back. It doesn’t drag us down slowly; it drags us down at an unexpected rate. The time could be at any moment. It could be after 50 years, 10 years, next year, or even tomorrow. I often sit down and wonder when my time is going to be. I wonder why life is like this. Why is there always a downside? It’s like the Yin-Yang symbol: to a good there’s always a bad and to a bad there’s always a good. It’s the universal balance that all nature are bound to. Sitting here thinking about my life and the other lives around me allows me to appreciate this beautiful gift of life. Instead of feeling bored and nothing to do all the time, I should be grateful for having the privilege to be able to wake up the next day and be able to see the life around me. Not every day is a given so it’s important to live your life to the best experience of your capability. Death is unexpected. Be of use to people. The goal of life isn’t happiness… the goal of life is accomplishments.


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