Why Must External Factors Consume Us?


Society is a powerful factor. It is basically our universal mother that guides us on how she would want us to become.

We don’t really have a voice because we are so caught up with how others are expecting us to act or what our peers are expecting us to say. I understand. I mean, I REALLY REALLY DO understand. That’s basically my life everyday. I feel like I have certain expectations and requirements that I have to meet because of who I am, because of what I am… human. It’s tough being human you know? You gotta hope that your day turns out well and hope that you’re living your life to the fullest. It’s like trying to eat and sleep at the same time.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Multitasking is a pain in the neck… and the brain… and the mind… and the— everything. That’s why “single-tasking” is a good thing. Try to eliminate your obstacles; kill two birds with one stone maybe. Limit your problems and that’ll make life SO much easier.

Now that seems awfully easy to say but I’m struggling with it myself. I have a minor personal problem that i’ll wont mind sharing with you guys. Teachers… I don’t know… They basically have the key to our future. If they teach us well, then we would learn more and have successful lives and careers. If they fail to do so, then I guess we’re doomed. It’s also our job to at least try and make the effort and impression to learn. That’s why I’m struggling trying to find myself, thinking of ways that I can burst out of my bubble and think outside the box. I want to crack open the shell that consumes me and sprout outside of my barrier. I need to be a better person and I need to prove to my teachers that I really AM capable of diligence  and success. However, will success follows great effort and responsibility. It’s something I have to think about and try my best.

Other problems that individuals like us  could be facing are the problems that has to do with our peers. Now in a perspective of a high school student, I personally know how judgmental everybody around me is. We somehow pay too much attention, wasting our time gossiping out what outfit one is wearing or what someone does that we find “weird”. I don’t know why… It’s just in the human nature to judge. It’s not a good aspect of our humanity, but it somehow coexists with us as we walk and breathe and see and feel. I wonder why society is so demanding. Why can’t we all smile at one another and appreciate for who we are. Why judge others because they’re not “cool” or “normal” like ourselves? Different is the new black. It defines who we are as individuals. Are we born the same? do we all have the same facial features? Of course not. We’re all created different internally and externally. That’s a part of who we are and who are we to let others interfere with our happiness?

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

Now sometimes there’s a certain goal in mind. A certain goal that we have always dreamed about and desired to have. We feel like we want to have a place in this world; an indent of our foot onto this earth. We want to be BIG. Well… isn’t that for most people? For example, me. I want to be able to have great ideas and great motivation to think and create. Creating is the definition of life. Life itself has to be created. Creativity is what sets the inhabitants in planet Earth apart from basically everything. Innovation and creativity produces greatness because as humans, and as living matters, we are designed to produce, create, and improve. We sure have improved humanity since World War 1 to say the least. However, why do you think it has taken so long to improve and create? That’s because there’s always so many countless, numerous, monumental obstacles that stands in our way acting as a boulder, blocking the passage of a river. Without the boulder, the river would flow free and life would procreate and all will be well. But somehow, someway, that boulder got in the path to our goals. Now let’s start by trying to push the boulder out of the way. That’ll maybe work, but it wont be strong enough. Now a better thing to do is to try to utilize another tool and incorporate it in removing the boulder. Use a pick and hammer and try to break the boulder into smaller minute pieces. That’s exactly the same thing that we should do with our conflicting obstacles. We should break and tear our obstacles piece by piece and eliminate it. That’s what I believe we should do that’s what I am personally trying to do.

Now the point that I’m trying to express is to limit our problems. Try to make our lives less problematic than it already is. Being human is a miracle and a punishment. The gift of life is certainly beautiful but for some people, trying to live is simply painful. For those people, limiting our problems is the solution that I am suggesting for  you to do.

My idea and message was inspired by this:

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