Innovators Rise to Success


My innovation project is like this blog: to help others overcome their troubles. It’s basically a Tumblr page called Teen Voices 101

This Tumblr is created with the purpose of having teens from all over submit publicly/anonymously their stories of troubles. Now for some of you, the question is “Why would I want others to read my personal information?” Well I have an answer.

1) You don’t really have to let us know. Just click on our ask link and submit your stories anonymously.

2) I understand that you are uncomfortable with others reading your troubles. We all are. But your voice is needed because it’s what causes a chain reaction for others to be comfortable to post their stories as well.

Each story means the world to us and to everyone because it proves that the person dealing with the same problems aren’t the only ones that are suffering in it. There’s tens of thousands of teens that are crying and suffering everyday from their depression and anxiety and other troubles like bullying.

Think how much better you would feel if you helped out another teen like you with the same troubles as you.

This blog was created by three teens that have gone through so much that words cannot explain. We feel what you’re feelings but let us tell you, it gets better. It does. Eventually, the roller coaster that you are riding right now will come to a halt and you’ll walk out of the seat feeling “wow.”

Please do us and everyone a favor and follow our blog. Help us spread the world and help the world become a better place to live in.


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