Can Finals Not?


You know what stresses me out? School. It’s not exactly that I hate school… I absolutely love going to school because it’s a place where I can make friends and interact with others. It’s the fact that I have to stress over upcoming tests and homework and projects and teachers and who knows what else. This week is finals week and as everyone understands, it’s the most painful week of the semester. It’s a cumulative test that tests our knowledge throughout the whole year. It’s the grade that decides whether borderline grades can be your best-est friend or your worst enemies.

My brain is constantly pounding right now, I just took a Chemistry, History, and Math final. I feel the thunder roaring inside my head, feeling as if it’s going to explode. Stress is really painful but it’s important to take it slow and easy. Try to kill two birds with one stone. Think of new ways and possibilities. Finals week will be over before you know it.



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