ReFramed: Hidden Beauty


There are SO many beautiful aspects in life. More than I can count. But sometimes, it’s hard for me to find it because it’s always hidden. Beauty needs just a little push or a missing puzzle piece to make it ignite and burst out like a firework.

It’s important to not lower your self esteem because deep down, there’s a beautiful pearl that lies inside of you.

“Never judge a book by its cover”

Beauty and creativity is like the story “Sleeping Beauty” Beauty lies hidden away and it needs something to awake its slumber. Love is a beautiful thing. It’s important to not let others dim down your shine because you’re a star at heart and you know it. Take the advantage and be who you are. Be Free. Be Creative. Creativity is the meaning behind everything. Without creativity, how can a person be able to invent and produce all these technology that we have now like the iPhone. Design is all about creativity and beauty.

In class, we did a MishMash activity and my teacher introduced me to Javier Perez. His Instagram is @cintascotch and it’s really amazing. Here are some of his unique intricate designs that uses hidden beauty:


I was so inspired by him that i tried to use his ideas. I tried to think outside the box and so, I made a centipede. I call it, Haircurlypede


Overall, it was a great experience using a random piece of object to incorporate it into art by adding simple doodles. It was really fun and I recommend everyone to try it. Be the new Javier Perez. Be the new you. You all are beautiful.


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