ReFramed: A Passion for Lost Love


Love is never forgotten. A love with true passion can substantially overcome the universe.  Everyone has a love to remember. It starts from childhood where an infant learns to love his stuffed teddy bear. As one ages, their idea of love and their passion for  love grows stronger with every minute. There is always a reason to love because the world was born through love. For Christians, we believe that God created the universe though his love and created us in his own image.

“I give a new commandment to you: Love one another; just as I have loved you.” -John 13:34″

Take for example, The X Factor 2013. Remember the winners? Alex and Sierra? They both have immense passion for one another. Their united feelings, hand in hand, walked through rigorous obstacles and finally succeeded. Without one another, they wouldn’t have earned the title “X Factor.”


Sometimes, our love begins to die out and hate takes over our bodies. Hate is an evil thing. Hate is the Devil. Jesus never hated anyone; he only showed love to his enemies. Loving our enemies are hard but sometimes it is worth it. I personally hate the feelings of being hated. I walk around school trying to be nice to everyone because that’s how I want them to treat me. I treat others as I want to be treated. It’s a basic rule in Elementary. What’s better? Feeling hated, Feeling as if someone is after you, Feeling as if someone is gossiping about you…. Or feeling loved and respected? In my opinion, no one really likes being hated. We grow up with love and care. We might think that our parents might hate it and resent us, but deep down, they’re only doing what’s best for us. They’re the ones that created us or nurtured us after all. Their passion for us is so strong that to them, the sky isn’t the limit.

In class, we read a novel “The Tale of Two Cites” and it shows how  Sydney Carton has a passion for Lucie. Lucie is his lost love that he knows will never be with. However, he never gives up and sacrifices everything for her. His love for her is never forgotten because once you love something, it’s really hard to fully forget who you love.


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