ReFramed: Is Giving up an Option?


Doesn’t everyone want to just quit and give up? Isn’t that so much easier than trying if we have to suffer through what we do? Like when you are in a team sport, you tried your best, but you didn’t win the match. Doesn’t that feel like a great time to stop trying and quit? NO is the answer. There’s always room for possibilities and improvements. There’s the saying

“Practice makes perfect.”

for a reason. It’s true. Take for example, Thomas Edison. Boy, imagine this world right now without his invention. Did he start off making the light bulb work his first try? No. He made thousands and thousands of failures, but with each fault, he takes account to what he learned and tried again. He never gave up and now, society appreciates him for that. Imagine that to this day, fire lamps were still the source of light. Each attempt to try makes a world of a difference, you never know.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”

I remember when I started playing violin. Oh how I was awful at it. During the process, I wanted to give up very badly. My family was always complaining about the terrible screeches my violin makes. I felt insecure about myself and I began to believe that violin and I weren’t compatible and that I should find a new hobby. There’s many other activities that I might be good at like painting, drawing, playing different instruments, singing… However, I decided to stick through with it. And what do I know? I was actually pretty good at it. As time goes by, my fingers began to coordinate and I started to hit the right notes and pitches. Playing violin is something I can do to relieve my stress. It’s something to pass away time. If I would’ve quit learning how to play, then I would have never learned to enjoy something new.  I walk away with no regrets because I tried my best and never gave up.


In my English Honors 2 class, we watched a wonderful movie that exemplifies this concept of never giving up. The movie is called Hoosiers and it’s basically about..(*SLIGHT SPOILERS*) a new basketball coach coming in to coach a team. He runs them through serious drills to get them ready for their tournament. The coach is confident in winning because he believes that he has the capability to succeed in coaching his team. However, in his first game, he lost. Everyone wanted him to leave the team and stop coaching it because they believed that he couldn’t do it. In the end, he never attempted to give up and because of that, great things happen.

I believe that never giving up is an important universal moral in life. Mistakes are mistakes for a reason; you build on from it. What is iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy 5 without iPhone 1 or Samsung Galaxy 1? It’s crucial to never give up. Leave with no regrets.


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