ReFramed: Secrets Never to be Revealed


Imagine life where every single person is transparent. Imagine life where you know can know absolutely everything about a person by looking at them. Imagine life where no one has secrets, and the word “secret” was never a word…

Would tranquility exist in this world? Would harmony roam throughout the earth? These questions can be debatable. Some people might say no because some information should be kept secret and it shouldn’t be shared to the world. Some secrets are deadly and only the holder should be the only ally guarding it.  Some might say that yes, the world WOULD be more peaceful if one person knows every other’s secrets. No drama would arise and lies would not have to be created. Secrets come in many  forms; many secrets are personal. It just depends on why you want it to be a secret.

In my opinion, I see that secrets lurk in every corner, peeking through shadows and aisles, trying to never to be revealed. However, if a secret is to be kept reasonably, then perhaps a secret should be remained.  If a secret is unnecessary and if one’s heart believes that their secret could be shared amongst the trusted, then I believe that tranquility and peace would exist.

The song “Secrets” by “One Republic” teaches essential values:

The lyrics

“… This time, don’t need another perfect lie, ’cause I’m gonna give all my secrets away.”

shows how when letting one’s secrets and minds free, no lies would have to be created and no destruction and obliteration to society would occur.

Everybody has secrets. No one in the world is without a secret. Even the most happiest married couple holds their individual thoughts that will be never shared to one other. Every house has a secret because if everyone was transparent, we might as well be transparent tape that when stuck onto something, others can see right through us.

In my English Honors class, we are currently reading the book “A Tale of Two Cities” and on Chapter three, “The Night Shadows” explains how secrets burn in every house on the street.

“… when I enter a great city by night, that every one of those darkly clustered houses encloses its own secret; that every beating heart in the hundreds of thousands of breasts there is, in some of its imaginings, a secret to the heart nearest it!”

When I read this, I realized how much this broadened my horizons and understandings of the world. I can relate it to myself because I too have many secrets that even my parents and siblings and closest friends don’t even know. I felt foolish to never realize this fact but no that I have read and understood this chapter, I saw the amazement in the world.

Some secrets are revealed and spread throughout, some can never to be revealed, even if it’s for eternity.


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