ReFramed: Crows cannot tear you down


Once a crow, always a crow. In class, we did an activity called “Crows Vs. Crops”. For the “WhatIF” project that my class and I are doing, our ideas have to be revised by other people. It’s basically a crow trying to attack our ideas because we are crops. They ask us various questions to let us crops know our flaws and mistakes. My WhatIF project is still in progress but I have been a crow before. I have not yet had the chance to be a crop, but being a crow ┬áhas allowed me to see different possibilities. I realized that an idea cannot always be perfect. Everything has its weak points and its our job to identify them. For example, money is always an obstacle. There can be fundraising, but it depends on how much you can earn.

Here’s an image to some of the possible questions a crow might ask a crop (in this case, how a crow might “eat” the crop):


From this experience, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was an exciting thing to do. I felt quite nervous because it shows the insecurities of my ideas and how I should improve it and close up the holes. I really liked doing Crows Vs. Crops overall and it just really opened up my horizons to imperfections.

In life, there’s tons of mean, nasty things that’ll dim your shine. They’re crows in your life that you must avoid. We crops rely on sunlight and water to help us grow. A crow is like the devil. We don’t want them in our lives. We must somehow create a scarecrow to drive the obstacles out. There’s always a possibility to everything but what really matters is how you try to solve it. Don’t hate, APPRECIATE! Try to be optimistic. Fix your mistakes and do better!


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