ReFramed: Why school?


Everyday after school, I immediately want to go home and drop flat on my bed for five days straight. Doesn’t everyone? School’s just so stressful; so much homework to do, projects to finish, and tests to take. Why? The question really is—- why. Why am I trying? Why Am I doing this to myself? Can I just NOT? Well, eventually every question comes down to an end. The reason for “why” is just simply for my future.

No one likes to do homework. I certainly don’t. It’s like that one little piece of vegetable you have left on your plate at dinner, that you absolutely cannot and will not put in your mouth. Homework’s a pain, I admit, but I guess it’s for the benefit of us. It’s like how veggies provide us with essential vitamins and minerals. We need it to live, just like how we need to do homework to ace math class. Without problems to practice, how are we going to get better? Like the saying goes, “Practice, practice, practice” —– but in reality no one really wants to practice if they’re not good at it.

The way I try to keep myself on my toes is that I think of something motivational. I set up a schedule for myself and at a certain time I can watch movies or relax. Then, I get back to studying.  Social media is always a distraction. People are always texting me, calling me, or messaging me on Facebook. How am I going to focus? I need my computer to use the Google search engine to search up information. However, with just a few letters away, I am able to go on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter and get distracted. With all this technology, I’m always facing a malignant obstacle in my “journey” to finish homework.

Let me just say, the stress is worth it. If you invest in time and effort to fathom your schoolwork, then having a successful future would be “easy as pie.” This generation wants innovators, inventors, or people who can contribute to society. Why do our science or history classes make is know information that can easily be searched up on Google? I don’t know. I guess it’s to build up our brain and make us smarter. We could use the information that we learn to think of new possible inventions, ideas, or cures that can benefit the society. Overall, it’s worth it. Try your best in school; don’t slack off. Jobs are really hard to get nowadays and if you really want to earn money to buy that iPhone 20(s/c/+) or whatever the new model Apple is going to make is going to make, try your best in school.

In my English Honors class, we had to write letters to three audiences, explaining one issue. We had three choices of issues:
1) A best friend stole something from you
2) You drew bad things about your teachers
3) You failed a class because you didn’t do a project.

Consistently using one of the choices, I had to write to three audiences:
1) My strict parent
2) My best friend
3) An inanimate object

This is a challenge to me because I personally thought writing to an inanimate object was ridiculous. However, instead of giving up, I thought about my future and how trying would benefit me. I thought of the positives and now I succeeded. Trying is what really counts


3 thoughts on “ReFramed: Why school?

  1. I LOVED the veggie simile! Your posts never fail to make me smile and think, “OMG, I KNOW RIGHT?!” Keep it up, David!! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean! Every monday I just wanna go home and sleep until the weekend starts again! Buuut I can’t do that… Cause there’s school, and like you said, school is important if you want to make some moola for that cool new iPhone color… & Hey! Like katrya said I really like your veggie simile. Sooo relevant… I love all your posts David, and how I can relate to just about all of them. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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