This was extremely thought out and I agree with everything you say. Thank you for enlightening this world with your words.


I want to be politically correct, so here are some trigger warnings: I talk about rape, rape culture, sexism and feminism (obviously in the title). I don’t know how to properly cite trigger warnings, but I’m doing my best. There’s some mild language scattered, but this isn’t like profanity-central or anything.

Long overdue… I kind of wanted to ease into this topic with consent, chivalry and all that jazz because feminism means a lot to me. (I go more in-depth with rape, rape culture and gender roles in this post.) Think of this as semi-formal blabber-tangent-sort-of-essay that was written mostly to share my beliefs on feminism and why feminism is one of my favorite subcategories of the belief in equal rights for all human beings.

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